Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

The floor is one of the most significant parts of a house because it provides a good walking surface for the homeowners or strollers. It adds a sense of character to the structural design of the house, may it be made of stone, wood, bamboo, metal or any other material.

The floor is the largest area of the house that serves as the foundation of the entire structure as it sets the tone to the empty house space.
Concrete is the most standard flooring material for both residential and commercial structures because it is easily accessible and durable. With the advent of new technology, the basic concrete flooring may now be enhanced to bestow a higher degree of embellishment to the house.
Concrete floors may be polished to deliver a smoother surface that may even be comfortable to the feet. As a matter of fact, concrete floors may likewise be painted, epoxy, or stained to replicate the appearance of the natural materials such as marble and wood design.
Alternatively, concrete floors may also be covered by other types of flooring on top to provide a more attractive appearance and add to the overall exquisiteness of the house like the carpet, laminated wood, ceramic tiles, marble and granite.
Polished concrete floors can easily be cleaned and it is for sure a cost-effective material that can last for a lifetime.
To provide a brief description, concrete floor polishing is the inexpensive procedure of mechanically grinding and polishing concrete through the use of industrial diamonds and impregnating hardeners. With this tedious progression, your polished concrete floor can be matte, low gloss, or high gloss to bear a resemblance to the appearance of glass.
The actual process involves the following stages of polishing:
·  Grinding
·  Honing
·  Polishing
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Our concrete floor polishing have general advantages, such as the following:
1. Cost-efficient
The conduct of maintenance to polish concrete floors is not that recurrent because it prevents the occurrence of hydrostatic pressure that may adversely result to efflorescence that leads to dusting.
2. Stain-resistant
Due to the tightened density of the polished concrete floor and reinforced by a surface sealing method, liquids are repelled to be absorbed in the concrete that may cause blemishes.
3. Improve home ambience 
Polished concrete floor reflects light effected by the glossy texture of the floor that increases the illumination of the surroundings.
4. Slip Resistant
The process of mechanically grinding and flattening the floor increases the coefficient of friction when compared to ordinary concrete that in a way eliminates the slippery feature of the floor.
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