7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home in Roswell, Georgia

Springtime is here again, and so is spring cleaning. Spring cleaning, as the name suggests, is the cleaning of one’s home during springtime, or commonly known to many as one of the most tiresome and stressful home cleaning times, especially for allergy-suffering people. 

Probably for most Americans, spring cleaning is essentially important and has several benefits, like removing dirt and mold, finding lost items, and getting rid of useless household stuff, or in short improving one’s home overall. Here are seven unique spring cleaning tips offered by ServiceMaster of Cobb, your carpet cleaning company in Roswell, Georgia.

Tip No. 1: Make a schedule.

Determine and target which area to clean at a desired time. Which ones need more work? Which ones need less cleaning? Practice cleaning one at a time; in that way, you can see results as you go along, which would motivate you to do more. Regardless of which area to begin with, do not forget to focus and prioritize when doing your work.

Tip No. 2: Have a cleaning supply kit.

You won’t be able to clean your home right if you don’t have the right supplies. It is necessary to buy the supplies that you’ll have to use for cleaning. These essentials are the disinfectant cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, rubber gloves, microfiber scrub pads for bathroom and kitchen sinks, glass cleaner for showers and windows, soap scum remover, brushes, a cleaning bucket, and the list goes on.

Tip No. 3: De-clutter. 

To de-clutter is to remove unnecessary items from your home. You can start by cleaning a designated area, the living room, for example, then determine which things are important and which are not, and you can get rid of those non-essential items. Know which ones to prioritize and then organize. De-cluttering can also help you save up more space and help you rearrange your living room setup.

Tip No. 4: Room-per-room cleaning.

Practice cleaning one at a time. You will be more focused and productive when you clean one room at a time. Avoid doing everything at once, you’ll end up not organizing everything as much as you think you could. If you start by cleaning the living room, finish it first before doing the next room; in that way you will be more fulfilled and result-oriented.

Tip No. 5: Purchase a high-quality vacuum.

If ever you’re thinking of buying a vacuum for spring cleaning, don’t settle for less. Be sure to buy a high-quality one, which sucks up mold and removes dirt particles like pet hairs, dander, and allergens. It’s an investment worth more than it offers.

Tip No. 6: Clean the walls and windows.

Most people forget to clean the walls and windows. Dust and other dirty particles settle on walls and windows, too. Start by cleaning from top to bottom, from the uppermost corners or ceiling, so that it’ll be easier for you to clean and you won’t have to re-clean your spaces.

Tip No.7: Clean carpets and upholsteries.

The carpet, together with other upholsteries, is one of the most important items that need to be cleaned every spring. Just imagine all the dirty particles like human and pet hairs, dust, and other bacteria that are hiding deep down there. Cleaning it will help improve your carpet’s condition and avoid the health risks that it may cause to you and your family.

If you’re able to clean your home this spring, good for you. For those who have difficulty in cleaning up their homes, or do not have the time for this spring season cleaning, consider hiring the best  professional cleaning service company –  ServiceMaster of Cobb, offering carpet cleaning in Roswell.

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